BuildBox 4 Announced – AI Powered 3D Game Engine

BuildBox is perhaps the easiest to use game engine on the market. BuildBox is also a company known to make some pretty stupid business decisions. This one however, does not feel like a bad business decision. In fact it feels like one of the best uses of AI technology in a game engine to date. BuildBox has always been focused on enabling non-programmers to create games and now instead of using a flowchart like programming interface, they instead are integrating AI command prompts in the upcoming BuildBox 4.

Details from the BuildBox blog:

The wait is over! Buildbox 4 Alpha is finally here! Imagine typing a prompt to add assets and animations to your game or generating entire scenes with a few words. Let the AI assist you in editing levels with gesture drawing tools. Easily edit game logic and create custom nodes without writing a single line of code. Yes, all of that and more is now possible with Buildbox 4. 

Introducing Buildbox 4 Alpha 

From now until midnight on April 8th, you can Try Buildbox 4 Alpha for FREE!

Buildbox 4 Alpha Features: 

  • Assets & Animations at Your Command: Type “Add a car,” and it’s there. Effects like fire, water, fog, and snow are all at your command.
  • AI Scene Generation: Describe the scene you want, from eerie graveyards to neon cities, and build entire game environments in minutes.
  • Fast AI Editing & Gesture Drawing Tools: With a quick click or swipe, you can make changes with AI and gesture-based drawing tools on the fly.
  • AI Node Creation: Let the AI modify node game logic or even write custom nodes for you. No coding is required.

Key Links

BuildBox Homepage

BuildBox 4 Alpha Announcement Blog

You can learn more about BuildBox, BuildBox 4 and the new AI tools in the video below.

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