Discord Launch Game Development SDK

Today at GDC Discord (check out our server here) announced they are moving into the world of game development, or more specifically game hosting, with the launch of the Embedded App SDK. This enables game developers to create web applications that run in an iFrame and communicate back and forth with Discords servers.

Details of the new SDK from Discord:

The channel is your canvas

Activities are multiplayer games and social experiences in Discord. Under the hood, an Activity is a web application hosted in an iframe within the Discord client. Once a user connects to your Activity, your app can request information using Discord APIs and gateway events to build rich, interactive experiences for your players.

Whether you’re developing a multiplayer game, a new social experience, or another creative idea, your Activity will be built with the Embedded App SDK. The SDK handles all of the communication between Discord and your app, making it easier to do common tasks like managing connected users, supporting mobile clients, and debugging your Activity.

A few examples of Activities built by Discord are Putt PartySketch Heads, and Jamspace Whiteboard.

So, what exactly does Discord bring to the table?

Key Links

Embedded App SDK Homepage

Documentation Home

GitHub Repository

Example Applications

You can learn more about Discord’s move into the game hosting market in the video below.

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