C++ Tutorials updated to include SFML 2 source code links



I finally got around to updating the Pang project files from part 6 through 9 to include the SFML 2.0 ports.  Thanks again to Nathan for making my job a whole bunch easier! Smile



So now, if you are following along to the C++ tutorial series, you now have the option of downloading a SFML 1.6 and a SFML 2.0RC project file.  The parts before part 6 are virtually unchanged, so there is still only a single project file download.  Also note, the tutorial text is still only applicable to the 1.6 version, so you will have to do a bit of poking about to see what has changed.  One easy way is to download both projects and run a diff between them.



Now that that is complete, I really do need to get back to writing part 10 now don’t I?

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