Cascadeur Release And It’s Free(*)

AI assisted animation software Cascadeur, which first entered open beta back in July of 2020, finally shipped version 1.0. Best of all, the release has a very reasonable pricing structure with a very functional free tier. Cascadeur is available on Windows and Linux with a Mac version beginning development with an unknown release date. In addition to the free tier, there is a 25% discount on commercial plans until December 31st, 2022.

Casdcadeur Tier Pricing

For existing Cascadeur beta users, the following new features where added in the 1.0 release:

  • Optimized user interface for an easier and faster workflow
  • Improved AutoPosing with new spine controls and overall better behavior
  • AutoPhysics now shows more realistic results in animations without jumps
  • Angular momentum smoothness completely reworked
  • Revised UX logic for AutoPhysics
  • Plus many other improvements, such as stretched frames, manipulator sensitivity updates, better clamped interpolation & weapons slots in the Quick Rigging Tool!

Key Links

Cascadeur Homepage

Release Overview

Full Release Notes

You can learn more Cascadeur and the Cascadeur 1.0 release in the video below.

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