JetBrains Killing Off AppCode

AppCode is one of the suite of developer tools from JetBrains (which also include IDEs such as Rider, IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm and CLion). The focus of AppCode is on programming languages specific to the Apple ecosystem, specifically Swift and Objective C. On December 14th they released an update, AppCode 2022.3 as well as the end of life for the tool.

Details from the JetBrains blog:

With the release of v2022.3, we are sunsetting the product. As of December 14, 2022, we will no longer sell new subscriptions or renew existing ones for AppCode. All active subscriptions will get a fallback license to v2022.3.

Since the release of AppCode 1.0 11 years ago, we’ve been applying our expertise to make coding for iOS/macOS more enjoyable. We’ve had many accomplishments, including first-class C++ support (from which CLion, our cross-platform C/C++ IDE, was born), an extremely fast release of initial support for the new Swift language, and finally, Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile technology, which combines our passion for Kotlin with our knowledge of mobile technologies.

While we’ve had some growth in terms of adoption, we didn’t reach the market share we had hoped for. We believe that the time has come to sunset the product and focus our efforts in other directions.

Until December 31, 2023, we will continue to provide technical support and release updates that specifically address compatibility issues with Xcode 14, as well as critical security updates as necessary. The scope of the updates will be limited to these two areas.

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You can learn more about JetBrains shutting down support for AppCode in the video below.

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