Cave Game Engine Overview

The Cave game engine is a free Windows based game 3D game engine with a full editor and a Python API. The Cave game engine is described as:

Cave Engine is a Simple, easy to use, 3D desktop Game Engine that is scriptable in Python. You can use it to make any type of games you want and release them commercially. 

You can expect a seamless development process with cave, with pretty much ZERO loading time: it does not require any Shader or Code compilation and asset handling is as fast as possible!

The engine provides a Complete Editor and all the functionalities you may expect from a Commercial Game Engine:

  • Easy Asset Importing Workflow (fbx, blend, obj, dae, …)
  • Entity Component based Architecture
  • Fully integrated Python Scripting with fast C++ Backends
  • Python Tooling to extend the Editor and your Workflow
  • Particle and Rendering Systems
  • Bullet Physics to handle all your Physics needs
  • Skeletal Animation, Physically Based Render Pipeline (PBR)
  • and much more!

Key Links

Cave Engine Homepage

Cave Engine Documentation

Discord Server

You can learn more about the Python powered free Cave game engine and see it in action in the video below.

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