Create And Elevate Corel Painter 2023 Humble Bundle

There is a new Humble Bundle of interest to game developers, the Create & Elevate Amazing Art Tools from Corel Bundle. This is a collection of tools and odd-ons for many of Corels popular creative products including the 2023 version of Corel Painter 2023. Best of all, you have 4! chances to win a Humble Bundle key for this bundle (as well as this one!), details below.

As with all Humble Bundles, this one is organized into tiers, you buy a higher tier you get all of the tiers below it. This bundle consists of:

1$ Tier

AfterShot Pro 3

Photo Portrait

1889 Post Impressionism

Mid Tier

VideoStudio Pro 2023


Animal Spots


30$ Tier

Painter 2023

Paintshop Pro 2023

Bold Strokes

Chunky Paint





Love Brushpack


Mosaic Brushpack

Perfect Pets



Thick Paint Encaustic



As with all Humble Bundles, you decide how your money is allocated between Humble, charity, the publisher and if you so choose (and thanks so much if you do!) to help support GFS using this link.

How To Enter

We are giving away 4x top tier redemption keys for this bundle (and this one), one each on Twitter, YouTube Community, Discord and one for Patreons. No purchased required to enter (excluding the Patreon membership in that one giveaway). Simply leave a comment in this Twitter Thread, in this YouTube Conversation, on the GFS Discord or on this Patreon thread (if a Patreon). I will randomly choose a winner from each location for BOTH bundle giveaways. If you already own or purchase the bundle, you will receive a key that you can freely regift to another person. You may enter in all 4 channels if applicable.

Rules of Entry

The prize is a redemption key on Humble, so you must be able to access the Humble site in your country to be able to redeem, all local rules and laws apply. If your country has minimum age requirements to enter a contest, you need to be of an appropriate age and all other local laws apply. The YouTube portion of the contest is under the terms and conditions YouTube contest conditions and in compliance with YouTube Community Guidelines. You may not create additional accounts specifically to apply (this is against the Twitter terms of service). If for whatever reason such a giveaway is against the rules of your country, province or state, please do not enter.

I will randomly draw 1 name for each bundle giveaway from Twitter, YouTube, Patreon and Discord at 4PM EST on October 24th, 2023. I will contact the winners directly on the platform they entered on. Due to YouTube not having a verified contact mechanism, I will contact the winner in the comments, with instructions to email me, then I will give them a code to enter in the discussion thread to verify their identity, at which point I will email them the product key.

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