Construct 2 R227 Released


Construct 2 is a popular HTML5 game engine and editor, that enables developers to create games without any coding required.  They just released r227 bringing the following new features:

  • Beta support for UWP apps on Xbox One!
  • An updated certificate for the installer, which should avoid security warnings in some cases
  • Multiple fixes for issues in Safari on iOS
  • New WKWebView support for Cordova iOS apps, which significantly improves performance (which was also later updated to reduce memory usage and add video support)
  • Audio scheduling, which makes sample-accurate playback possible
  • Support for a new project format for the latest version of the Intel XDK, but note this is still being worked on by Intel.


In addition to those new features, they made the following changes:

    • XBox One now uses full 1080p resolution
    • Xbox One disables overscan borders by default
    • viewport fix for Safari browsers hopefully resolving strange behavior on iPhone devices in landscape mode.


You can read more about this and previous releases here.  Construct2 is an engine I have done very little coverage of in the past ( really only mentioned in this guide ) here on GameFromScratch.  Is there interest out there for more content on using Construct?

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