CryEngine 2020 Roadmap

Late last week CryTek released their development roadmap for the future of the CryEngine game engine.  Sadly it seems the next major release has been pushed back into 2021, although the feature list in the next version is pretty impressive.

Details from the CryEngine blog:

Mobile Support and Next-Generation Hardware: We’re working with Google and ARM to bring CRYENGINE to mobile and, of course, we‘re preparing CRYENGINE for upcoming hardware releases. We can’t wait to see what you can do with CRYENGINE on mobile, and, of course, we’re excited about seeing your CRYENGINE games running on more powerful consoles. Find out more about our mobile plan and register for our beta.

Scaleform 4 Update: CRYENGINE was previously limited to Scaleform 3, which meant that only older software and ActionScript 2 were viable methods for creating engaging UI. In the future, we are including Scaleform 4, which means you’ll be able to use both Adobe Animate and ActionScript 3.

Visual Scripting System: We’re as excited about this as you are. Almost all of our teams are working on and integrating with this new feature at the moment. As part of this process, we’re also undertaking a clean-up and separation of other systems, such as the Generic Reflection and Messaging systems.

Razer Chroma RGB Support: We’ve partnered with Razer to enable the Razer Chroma RGB effects API in CRYENGINE. This allows you to enhance the atmosphere and ambiance of your player’s experience by lighting up Razer Chroma-enabled hardware devices as the game is played.

More details, as well as future release features are available on the roadmap here.  They are running an early private beta available here.

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