Cyber Streets KitBash3D Humble Flash Sale

Humble Bundle are trying something new, the Cyber Streets by Kitbash Flash Sale. You can think of it as a bundle, containing only a single item, that lasts for only one week. The item in question is the Cyber Streets 3D pack from KitBash3D, described as:

Populate the streets of your Cyberpunk worlds with tons of kiosks, store fronts, food joints, stand-alone machines, random street clutter, radiators, traffic stands, bottles, pans, pots, cans and so much more! This Kit’s larger pieces also have detailed interiors that will work well in any of your sci-fi or dystopian worlds!

  • Poly Count 2.4m
  • Model Count – 114 Models
  • Material Count – 35 PBR Materials

The “bundle” is redeemed on the KitBash3D website (account required), then can be downloaded for Unity, Blender, Max, Maya, Cinema4D etc, in multiple resolutions. You can also use KitBash’s fairly newly released Cargo application, which we demonstrate in action in the video below.

Link all Humble Bundles, you decide how your purchase is allocated between Humble, charity, the publisher and if you so choose (and thanks so much if you do!) to help support GFS using this link.

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