Harfang 3D Engine Hands-On

The Harfang 3D engine is an open source graphics engine for creating games, applications and VR apps for Windows and Linux. The core framework is available under multiple open source licenses including GPLv3, LGPL as well as a paid commercial license. In addition to the core framework, there is also Harfang 3D studio, which can be used to visual compose 3D scenes.

Harfang is described as:

HARFANG® Framework is an easy-to-adapt, cross-platform, multi-language, powerful and optimized 3D visualization engine written in C++ and accessible via an open API in C++, or high-level programming languages such as Python, Golang, and Lua.

Allowing for faster development speeds, while facilitating integration with embedded systems, the Framework meets challenging industry requirements of real-time 3D : strategic independence, responsiveness, flexibility, interoperability & durability.

While Harfang Studio is described as:

HARFANG® Studio is the ideal 3D editor for creating real-time scenes & animations that match your design vision. It can manage the entire 3D graphics production workflow in a simple and optimized manner, without compromising the integration in other development environments.

HARFANG® Studio’s philosophy is in line with that of HARFANG®3D engine: compliant, straightforward, fast & lightweight. Everything that runs in HARFANG® Studio is compatible with our Framework and its supported coding languages.

As mentioned earlier, the underlying framework is open source and free to use on non-commercial projects. If you wish to keep your project closed source, the pricing is as follows:

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Harfang Homepage

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You can learn more about Harfang 3D and Harfang Studio in the video below.

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