Daz3D Launch Daz AI Studio

What do you get when you cross Daz3D characters with Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion generative AI? A tire fire mostly… a tire fire known as AI Studio. Judging from the reactions to their announcement video on YouTube, the community isn’t exactly embracing this product with open arms.

Details of Daz AI Studio from the announcement blog:

The AI Image Generator is a creative tool that transforms text into compelling 2D visuals in the style of Daz’s renders. With a user-friendly interface and built-in prompt assist for model refinement, it’s an ideal solution for quickly creating, telling stories, and seeking inspirationMany creators and digital artists have been understandably wary of generative AI as it has real potential to negatively affect them. We get that, and we’re committed to finding ways for generative AI to be a positive for artists. Daz has always been about making digital art more welcoming. We’re working directly with Daz Artists as our partners, and we’re working on unique ways to continue providing benefits for our artistic community. We are excited about the next phase – where we’re going to be offering this solution for the hundreds of Daz Published Artists as a way for them to monetize their work.

We are excited to highlight some notable features including customizable presets, inpainting, upscaling, image-to-image, and more. 

There is a free version available to try if you have a Daz3D account, which enables you to generate up to 25 images per month. Then there is a paid version for $3.99 a month that offers an unlimited number of images generated, more of their characters to work with as well as several advanced features, many of which are in the “coming soon” category.

Key Links

Daz AI Studio Announcement Blog

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Introducing Daz AI Studio YouTube Video

You can check out Daz AI Studio and see the reaction to it… in the video below.

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