Visual Studio Code March Update

There has been another impressive update to Visual Studio Code. The March 2024 release adds several impressive new features, including:

Apply custom editor labels – Distinguish between editors with same file names.
Locked scrolling – Compare editors side-by-side with synchronized scrolling.
Extension update improvements – Restart extensions without reload & update extensions with VS Code releases.
Test Coverage API – Native code coverage support in VS Code.
Folding markers in minimap – Easily identify and navigate to code sections from minimap.
Quick Search improvements – Sticky file path separators and separator buttons.
Notebook Run cells in section – Quickly run all cells in a notebook section.
Copilot improvements – Improved inline chat UI, commit messages, and used references.
Python auto-detect improvements – Detect startup files for Flask & Django, discover Hatch environments.
Preview: Terminal inline chat – Start a Copilot inline chat conversation directly from the terminal.

Key Links

Visual Studio Code Homepage

Visual Studio Code March 2024 Update Release Notes

You can learn more about the Visual Studio Code March 2024 update as well as see several of the new features in action in the video below.

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