Defold Engine 1.2.105 Released

Defold Engine 1.2.105 was just released.  The Lua powered cross platform 2D game engine adds support for native extensions on HTML5 platforms.  This release also added a profiler module for monitoring CPU and memory usage of your app.  If you are interested in learning more about the Defold game engine, we have a complete tutorial series available here.

Details of this release:

  • DEF-1058Added: Profiler memory and CPU usage information.
  • DEF-2685Added: HTML5 support to native extensions.
  • DEF-2727Added: Addded function to call JavaScript from Lua.
  • DEF-1995Fixed: msg.url() can be created before collection is loaded, and also be reused (msg.socket is a hash).
  • DEF-2721Fixed: Bob.jar now lists all options (including defoldsdk).
Native Extensions

We have now added support for building your native extensions for HTML5
It works both when using ‘Build HTML and Launch’ as well as when bundling.
It supports C++, embedded JavaScript, and Emscripten JavaScript libraries.
Editor 2 support for HTML5 native extensions is being worked on and will follow shortly.

We also fixed an issue during the sprint where the build server didn’t take all the
Android flags, linkFlags and libs into account.


There is a new section on the site called “Examples23” where you can find small contained examples on how to do common things in Defold. We will expand this section and are taking requests!

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