Defold Engine 1.2.112 Released

Defold Engine 1.2.112 has just been released.  A relatively minor update, probably the biggest feature of this release is removal of dependencies on a graphics subsystem allowing the engine to run in headless mode.  This is a very common approach for running a game engine as a server on a back end.  The release also includes various fixes detailed below.  If you’ve never heard of it, Defold is a free 2D Lua powered game engine.  We have a complete tutorial series available if you want to learn more.

Details from the release notes:


We have extended the go.delete1 function to accept an additional bool parameter that will recursively delete the child hierarchy of the deleted object, in child to parent order. The function now also accepts a table of game object ids, which deprecates go.delete_all.

Collada fixes

The Collada parser has been fixed so that it can parse start and end times for animations (per scene). The asset unit entry is also applied to skeleton bone positions, instead of being included in their scale.

Headless engine

We have removed the dependency for X/GLFW on the headless version of the engine. This means that you should be able to run the headless engine on hardware without X, graphics card and monitor.

  • DEF-1644Added: New option in go.delete to also delete children.
  • DEF-1827Fixed: GUI nodes stretch when changing window size while disabled.
  • DEF-2845Fixed: Correctly initialize font cache.
  • DEF-2867Fixed: Headless version of engine no longer depend on GLFW/X/OGL.
  • DEF-2857Fixed: Truncate info/error/warning editor marker strings if too large.
  • DEF-2715Fixed: Collada scene start/end/framerate are parsed and used.
  • DEF-2854Fixed: Collada asset unit is applied to bone positions.
  • DEF-2837Fixed: Increased the Java heap size for javac and dx commands in build service.

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