Defold Engine 1.2.92 Released


There has been a new release of the Defold Game Engine, this one 1.2.92.  A relatively minor release, the new ability to add text to game objects is sure to come in handy for quick and easy debugging.  The Defold engine is a Lua powered, cross platform mobile focused game engine.  We have a full featured tutorial series available should you wish to learn more.


From the release notes:

Defold 1.2.92

Defold 1.2.92 Stable is now available.

A new component Label is available, for adding text to game objects.

  • label.set_text

The Facebook API has been updated to more align with the Facebook SDK. The old Facebook API will still function but will not be documented or updated. New API:

  • facebook.login_with_read_permissions
  • facebook.login_with_publish_permissions

We have added two more project settings:

  • graphics.max_draw_calls – Allows you to set the max number of render calls (default 1024)
  • graphics.max_characters – Allows you to set the max number of text character to pre-allocate (default 8192)

A lot of design tasks for upcoming big features.

DEF-2171 Added: Text support in Game Object
DEF-1343 Added: Facebook login & permission functionality

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