Enough is enough Daz!



I appreciate that you gave away your software for free and some of it has real potential, but the volume of spam is getting way too high. 




These are some of the emails I have received from DAZ since signing up earlier this month, this doesn’t include my receipts/serial number emails, nor the half dozen or so I deleted outright.  Even worse, the opt-out link results in:







Bit of advice if anyone from Daz is listening… dial the volume back and make opting out a one click process ( that works! ). General rule of business; don’t piss off your customers!


You have now been marked as junk by me and I imagine I am not alone.  Keep this up and all of your emails will be flagged as junk by default, completely ruining what you are trying to accomplish.  What about the rest of you that signed up for the free Daz/Bryce/Hexagon bundle, are you getting sick of the spam?

General Rant

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