Evergine 2022.2.16 Released

Evergine, the multipurpose 3d game engine previously known as Wave Engine, just had their first release of 2022, Evergine 2022.2.16. This release adds a new component system, new VR/AR/MR/XR features and more. Evergine is a Windows based game engine with support for multiple platforms using the C# programming language for game logic.

New features of this release include:

  • OpenXR Support
  • Meta/Oculus Quest project template added
  • New Mixed Reality Toolkit add-on
  • Azure remote rendering add-on
  • New Add-Ons interface
  • Prefab improvements
  • Reduced Shader Compilation Times

Key Links

Evergine Homepage

Evergine 2022 Announcement

Evergine Samples

You can learn more about the Evergine 2022 release in the video below.

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