Wave Engine is now Evergine

Wave Engine is a game engine we previously referred to as “The Best Game Engine Nobody Uses” is now known as Evergine. In many ways you can think of Evergine as Wave Engine 4 (last release was May). That said, this rebrand also came with several new features:

  • New launcher
  • New .Net 6 templates with C# 10
  • Visual Studio 2022 project support
  • New RayTracing API
  • New documentation website
  • New Package System
  • Debugging WASM web apps
  • New Entity Prefabs
  • New PostProcessing graph tool
  • AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution
  • WinUI application support
  • New incoming Addons
  • New ImGUI extension
  • New GPU Queries API

Key Links

You can learn more about the new Evergine game engine and see it briefly in action in the video below. Evergine requires you to install the just released Visual Studio 2022, which you can learn more about right here.

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