Evergine 2023.9 Released

The Evergine (previously known as Wave Engine) engine just released version 2023.9. This version represents a fairly significant upgrade as it adds a Metal renderer and iOS as a target platform. The Evergine game engine is free to use, with commercial support and source code licenses available.

What’s new in the 2023.9 release:

In our commitment to continually deliver the cutting-edge features of the Microsoft DotNet Platform, we are thrilled to introduce several exciting updates in this release. Start your 3D application development journey today with our new .NET 8 based template. Additionally, we’ve unveiled our long-awaited adapter for the Apple Metal API, empowering seamless application development for iOS with optimal performance. To streamline the creation of native, cross-platform user interfaces, we’ve integrated the latest MAUI API.

Not stopping there, we’ve elevated our custom mixed-reality framework, XRV, by introducing a robust networking module. This enhancement facilitates effortless creation of shared mixed-reality experiences across various devices. And introducing a brand new morphing animation system designed to enrich avatar-based mobile applications.

This release is amazing, and in this post, we will go into the intricate details of these exciting updates.

Key Links

Evergine 2023.9 Release Notes

Evergine Homepage

Assets Used in Demo

You can learn more about the Evergine game engine, the 2023.9 update and see it in action in the video below.

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