Flax Engine 1.1 Released — Now With Linux Support

The Flax game engine was first launched the end of 2020 and today we have the first major follow-up release, Flax Engine 1.1. Flax is a source available cross platform 3D game engine with a great deal of potential. Details of the Flax Engine 1.1 release from their blog:

We’ve promised to deliver high-quality updates to Flax every 2-3 months. Today we’ve released Flax 1.1 version which brings a massive amount of new, shiny features such as Editor for LinuxSplines, Editor improvements, and hundreds of bugfixes.

Firstly, I’d like to thank all the community members and contributors that are involved in Flax. You rock!  During the past 3 months, together we’ve made over 1,300 commits into Flax repositories including almost 150 Pull Requests.

Starting from this version all the binaries we distribute (Installer, Launcher, Editor, Game executable files) contain digital Code Signing certificate to prove the authentication and validity. Also, due to a recent problem with one of our servers (caused by a fire in OVH data center), there was an issue with the older Launcher version that blocked from receiving the latest engine version info. If you don’t see a new update in Launcher please install it again (without reinstallation – all your projects and engine files will be preserved).

You can read more about the release in the full release notes available here. The source code for Flax Engine 1.1 is available on GitHub right here. If you have any comments or questions be sure to check out the Discord server available here. You can learn more about Flax Engine 1.1 in the video below.

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