Flutter 2.8 and Flame Engine 1.0 Released

Google’s open source cross platform development toolkit Flutter and the Flutter powered game engine Flame just had releases. Flutter 2.8 is a performance focused release, while Flame 1.0 release notes seem to be unavailable. We first covered the Flame game engine back in April and a 1.0 release is generally a major milestone for any project.

In terms of new features in Flutter 2.8:

One of the major areas of focus for this release is mobile performance. Ideally great performance would come for free, but in practice any complex app needs optimization to make sure it uses the underlying hardware and libraries well. That includes startup performance, which can be constrained by network bandwidth or other initialization costs; memory usage, particularly on memory-constrained devices; and graphics rendering. We’ve been using some of our experiences with large Google apps like Google Pay to invest both in making Flutter itself more performant, and in giving you better tooling to guide profiling and optimization of your own app. Your apps should start faster and use less memory just by upgrading to Flutter 2.8.

In addition to the Flutter 2.8 and Flame 1.0 releases, the Dart programming language also saw the release of Dart 2.15:

Today we’re releasing version 2.15 of the Dart SDK, featuring fast concurrency with worker isolates, a new constructor tear-off language feature, improved enum support in the dart:core library, new features for package publishers, and more.

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You can learn more about the Flutter 2.8 and Flame Engine 1.0 release in the video below.

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