Fyrox 0.34 Rust Powered Game Engine

The Fyrox open source game engine written using the Rust programming language, just released Fyrox 0.34. This release is actually pretty jam packed with new features including:

  • Hot code reloading
  • Overhaul to the editor both looks and usability
  • Support for multiple scripts attached to a game object
  • A “One Click” project exporter
  • Automatic generation of asset thumbnails, including waveforms for audio assets
  • GTLF support
  • Static and Dynamic batching of 3D objects
  • Animations in UIs as well as UI prefabs
  • Much, much more

Key Links

Fyrox Homepage

Fyrox 0.34 Release Notes

Station Iapetus GitHub Project

You can learn more about Fyrox and the Fyrox 0.34 release in the video below.

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