Visual Studio 17.10 Released

This week at their BUILD developer conference Microsoft have released Visual Studio 17.10.

Highlights of the 17.10 release include:

  • GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio
  • Improve Your Code Reviews with Generated Pull Request Descriptions
  • Unravel Your Commit History with GitHub Copilot
  • Build cloud native apps with .NET Aspire
  • Copilot Generated Breakpoint Conditions
  • .NET Counter profiler visualization with new UpDown and ObservableCounter instruments
  • GC Insights in Managed Memory Window
  • Creating Conditional Breakpoints and Tracepoints from Expressions
  • Simplifying memory usage investigations with the Memory Tool
  • Attach to Process Dialog Revamp
  • Targeted Instrumentation for EXE
  • Cancel Solution Load
  • Microsoft Teams development tools´╝łTeams Toolkit)
  • New WinUI workload and template improvements
  • Inlay Hints for C# code in Razor Files
  • Code Search and Navigation
  • Improve the readability of Visual Studio with new text formatting options
  • Image Hover Preview
  • Performance improvements in Windows Forms out-of-process designer
  • SSDT is Supported in Visual Studio for ARM64
  • Visual Studio Updates will now include Recommended Components
  • Improved detection of Android emulator performance impacts
  • Linking work items to pull requests
  • C++ Memory Layout Visualization
  • Win32 App Isolation

Key Links

Visual Studio 17.10 Release Notes

Visual Studio Homepage

You can learn more about the Visual Studio 17.10 release in the video below.

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