Fyrox Game Engine — Rust Powered RG3D Renamed

The Rust powered game engine Rg3d, which we looked at back in 2021, has just released version 0.24 and rebranded as the Fyrox Engine. In addition to the new name, they also released version 0.24 which adds 2D support and 2D physics support to the engine. Obviously the addition of 2D support does make the 3d in the existing name somewhat awkward, but perhaps most importantly, the project founder didn’t like the current name. In addition to the 2D support, the Fyrox engine has a full editor, a modern PBR based renderer, is open source under the MIT license and works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

You can read full details of the 0.24 release on the rg3d blog but the quick summary is:

I’m happy to announce that rg3d 0.24 has been released! This release has major improvements in 2D support, physics, user interface, performance, resource system, book, etc. Let’s briefly go over the most significant changes and improvements.

Key Links:

Fyrox Engine GitHub Repository

rg3d Home Page (still under old name)

Fyrox/rg3d Book

Original GFS rg3d Video

You can learn more about the Fyrox Rust powered game engine and the details of the rg3d 0.24 release in the video below.

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