GameMaker Gets a New Code Editor

In the just released GameMaker Beta 2024.400 a major new feature is the addition of Code Editor 2.0. By default you will need to enable the code editor by going to File->Preferences (or Ctrl + Shift + P), then locating the Code Editor 2 selection and enabling the feature:

New features of this new code editor and other details from the beta release:

Code Editor: The new code editor is now available for Beta users to enable in Preferences (if you wish) and try out – along with its many new features: scrollbar minimap with floating code preview tooltips, rainbow braces, all events for an object open at once in a single view, configurable layouts, and much more (see its Preferences section for more info)

Feather: Has now been renamed “Diagnostics” and is active when using CE2, so you will see this if you enable the new code editor (be aware that in this release you will get a second panel for Diagnostics, rather than your existing “Syntax Errors”/”Feather” tab being closed when the new one opens – just close the old one)

Project Save: The Preferences default for where GameMaker stores your projects has now been moved, as Windows IDE users are increasingly opting-in (sometimes unknowingly) to OneDrive managing their “My Documents” folder and so OneDrive is causing problems when trying to do their builds later on
Note: If you have not manually set a different home folder in Preferences, then your Preferences will automatically update to this new value when you start GameMaker; if you have previously changed your home folder, then you may wish to check it is not inside OneDrive, etc.

Project Save: Carrying on from the change above, if GameMaker detects your project is still being stored in a folder which is managed by OneDrive/Dropbox/Google Drive/iCloud, then you will get dialogs on save/load which advise you that you really should move your projects to the new, safe location
Runtime Featured Changes

In-Game: Surfaces and/or Blend modes seem broken since Runtime 2023.11.0.157 (although, the comment saying the names have now been reversed is not part of this release – it will be in the next Beta)

Key Links

GameMaker Homepage

GameMaker Beta Release

The GameMaker new code editor beta release is available for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. You can check out the new code editor in action in the video below.

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