GB Studio 3.2 Released

GB Studio, an amazingly easy to use but comprehensive game engine for creating retro GameBoy-style games, just released version 3.2. This is the first major update since GB Studio 3.0 was released all the way back in 2022. When I say create “GameBoy-style” games, that’s misleading. This game engine can actually create and compile GameBoy ROMS! That said, it is also capable of building games for web as well. Best of all it is available on Windows, Mac and Linux and it’s completely free!

Key features of the GB Studio 3.2 release include:

  • Add ability to choose timer context in timer events allowing up to four timers to be used per scene
  • Add event “If Current Scene Is” to allow conditionally running scripts based on the current scene
  • Add ability to set background tile priority for Color games using Priorty tool in colorize section. Priority tiles appear above sprites
  • Add support for UGE v6 to music editor
  • Subpattern editor added to Instrument Editor¬†
  • Add warning when trying to reuse background from a logo scene
  • Add descriptive README files to asset folders in new projects
  • Add slope brush when drawing collisions
  • Add magic brush when painting tiles and drawing collisions, updates all tiles matching the one clicked
  • Add support for slopes to platform scenes
  • Add ability to make Analogue Pocket builds using CLI tool
  • Add warning when using engine plugins built on older versions of GB Studio

Key Links

GB Studio Homepage Download Page

GB Studio 3.2 Release Notes

You can learn more about the GB Studio game engine and the 3.2 release in the video below.

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