InstaMAT – Powerful New Texture Application

InstaMAT is a new application from the makers of InstaLOD, that is used to create and layer procedurally generated textures in a manner very similar to Substance Designer and Quixel Mixer. InstaMAT is described as:

InstaMAT lets you tap into unprecedented workflows when it comes to working with 3D materials or meshes.

Whether texturing dazzling 3D assets using creative layering workflows or building procedural graph-based geometry processing pipelines — InstaMAT helps you achieve your vision. Discover fully scalable workflows that combine mesh, image and data processing that can easily yield 10x in cost-saving.

Key Features of InstaMAT include:

A next-level experience.

InstaMAT Studio features a thoughtfully designed user-interface that offers a delightfully beautiful zen-like environment. InstaMAT makes it easy for you to get into the zone to unleash your creativity.

An incredible library.

InstaMAT ships with an outrageously sized node and content library. Thousands of handcrafted nodes and stunning materials are at your fingertips: from asphalt to wood, and from photorealistic to stylized.

Build looping and branching graphs.

Both InstaMAT’s unique nPass Element and Atom Graph enables you to design self-repeating graphs that make anything possible from simulations to scatters.

Beyond Images - Geometry Nodes.

Design procedural meshes and point clouds with InstaMAT’s exhaustive geometry node library. Unlock groundbreaking material workflows by combining image and geometry nodes in the same environment.

Create stunning materials from regular photos.

Quickly turn conventional photos into stunning procedural materials that open up a plethora of possibilities: from limitless variations using image synthesis to adding procedural dirt or dust.

Creative AI and image synthesis.

InstaMAT ships with AI and analytical synthesis technology that is capable of performing sophisticated image processing such as style transfer, super-resolution and inpainting.

Delicate GPU baking.

From ambient occlusion to curvature maps and everything else you need for texturing: InstaMAT’s powerful baking engine runs on both the CPU and the latest GPU compute technology to deliver exceptional quality and sensational performance.

Deployments at lightspeed.

InstaMAT’s deployment engine can send live results to your app whenever a change occurs, and custom export templates will ensure that it’s in the image format you need. With the DCC tool plugins, you can adjust and generate your materials right there.

InstaMAT includes several different pricing structures, from a free to use tier and up from there.

Key Links

InstaMAT Homepage

You can learn more about InstaMAT and see it in action in the video below.

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