GDevelop 5.3 Released

The popular free and open source “nocode” game engine GDevelop just released GDevelop 5.3. Since the 5.2 release several new features have been added, among the biggest being support for 3D (covered here in May), but the release also included several quality of life improvements.

New features in this release include:

  • 3D is now natively supported with new default 3D lighting and a new 3D particle emitter system
  • Steamworks has been integrated for things adding features like
    • Achievements,
    • Networking,
    • Matchmaking,
    • UGC (User Generated Content) Workshop
    • Anti-cheat/DRM to your game,
    • As well as get player information.
  • Object folders have been added, replacing tags and making project organization much easier
  • Auto saving of cloud projects
  • New project collaboration features and new “teacher mode”
  • Unicode support in editor (emojis, Arabic, Cyrillic, etc can now be used for variable and function names
  • Several other smaller changes

Key Links

GDevelop Homepage

GDevelop 5.3 Release Notes

You can learn more about GDevelop and the GDevelop 5.3 release, now with glorious 3D, in the video below.

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