GDevelop Engine Adds 3D Support

Just a few months after they added mobile development support, GDevelop have added another major feature, 3D support. It is very early in the development with limited tools, but these are the first steps towards making GDevelop a 2D and 3D game engine.

Details of the 3D functionality from the release notes:

Create 3D games with GDevelop

You can now create 3D games with GDevelop: from classic 2D games with 3D elements to full 3D games. This is only the beginning, and many more game engine and editor improvements will be released in the next GDevelop versions.

The same intuitive interface you know and love remains, but with powerful new tools and capabilities at your fingertips. We have designed this 3D upgrade with the same principles that guided us in the development of our 2D game engine: simplicity, accessibility, and power.

While it has been a lot of work to bring 3D to GDevelop, it’s just the beginning and many more 3D objects, tools and a full 3D editor are in the works. In the meantime, 3D objects will appear as 2D in the scene editor.

For those of you eager to start creating, the 3D upgrade is available starting today. Download the latest version of GDevelop and dive into the third dimension! We are excited to see what amazing 3D worlds you will create. So, gear up, it’s time to take your creativity to a new dimension!

Key Links

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To celebrate the launch of the 3D functionality, they are running a 3D game jam on starting May 19th. You can learn more about the new 3D functionality in GDevelop in the video below.

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