GDevelop 5 Beta 62 Released

GDevelop 5 beta 62 was just released.  In this release we get a vastly improved physics system with support for several join types, more physics body and shape options and more.  Additionally recently added Functions are now no longer an alpha feature and are shown in the project manager.  If you are interested in learning GDevelop 5, be sure to check out our hands-on video with GDevelop 5, also embedded below.

Details from the release notes:

New features

  • Functions are now “out of alpha testing” and always shown in the project manager. Functions are a powerful way to create new conditions, actions and expression using events. This allow to make your events and the logic of your game easier to understand and create. This also allow you to share common functions between games and create advanced features that are easy to use. Learn more about functions on the wiki

  • A brand new Physics engine: Physics Engine 2.0. (Thanks @Lizard-13 for creating it, testing it, improving it and creating examples and tests, and @zatsme for various update and examples!). While still based on the same internal physics engine, it is much more complete and powerful than the previous one:

    • Support for a lot of joints (revolute, gear, mouse, prismatic, rope, pulley, wheel and more!)
    • Support more options for bodies
    • Support more shape and even custom polygons for objects.
    • Look at the updated and new examples to learn how to use it and to see what’s possible!

    Your existing games will continue to work with the old physics engine. You can still continue to use it. For new games, prefer to use the new Physics Engine 2.0. In your existing game, you can also replace the behavior of all of your objects by the new behavior, and replace all the conditions and actions by the conditions and actions from the new engine.

  • New Screenshot action, to take in-game screenshot for games running on Windows/macOS/Linux. (thanks @Wend1go!)

    • This also come with new expressions to access to the file system paths, useful to save the screenshots in a folder of the user.


  • Display missing files in resource editor as red (thanks @blurymind!)
  • Add option to set scale mode (“sampling”) of the game to nearest (for “pixel perfect” or 8bit games) in the game properties.
  • Usability: autoclose project manager when opening an editor (thanks @blurymind!)
  • Add button to choose a new file for a resource in the resource editor (thanks @blurymind!)
  • New “Pixel perfect platform engine” example.
  • Usability: add shortcut to open Project Manager and focus search field when opening it.
  • Updated “Isometric Game” starter game to have better collision handling and mobile support.
  • Add GetAngle/GetXVelocity and GetYVelocity expressions to top-down movement behavior.
  • Extensions written in JavaScript can now be used to create new type of objects.
  • Usability: icons in the list of instructions or expressions are now displayed.

Bug fixes

  • Update Facebook Instant Games export to have the now required bundle file (fbapp-config.json).
  • Fix the sentence in the events sheet of a Facebook Instant Games action. (thanks @Bouh!)
  • Fix descriptions of Storage actions to make clear that no “real” files are written.
  • Fix Left Shift key
  • Fix middle mouse button (thanks @Bouh!)
  • Fix visual artifacts when rendering rescaled games
  • Fix platform engine 1-pixel offset bug
  • Fix initial opacity undefined for text objects (thanks @Lizard-13)
  • Fix the condition checking if the cursor is on an object (thanks @Lizard-13)
  • Avoid crash of the debugger with Particle Emitters
  • Add explicit “OK” button in message box to fix issue on Linux
  • Usability: hide object drop-down list after an object is selected
  • Fix login dialog not showing on top of export dialog

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