GeoGen – Procedural Terrain and Planet Generator

Today we are checking out GeoGen, an application for generating terrain/landscapes as well as planets procedurally, from JangaFX, the creators of EmberGen and the free Game Texture Viewer. GeoGen is currently still in alpha (although it is available for sale) and graph based workflow for creating landscapes and planets. GeoGen is available for Windows and Linux with a Mac version in the works, with a 14 day trial available.

Features of GeoGen include:

Why Should I Use GeoGen?

GeoGen is a fresh take on what terrain and planet generation can be, and with all of the incredible competition out there, we know that we have to take it to the next level. Our UI is smooth and intuitive which makes the generation of your next world easier than ever. With modern node-based workflows, unique simulations, and workflow enhancements built with games in mind, GeoGen will be a powerful tool in your arsenal. GeoGen is still in alpha and we have major plans to innovate far beyond what’s available on the market.

Node based Terrain Generation

GeoGen has a wide array of sourcing nodes, modifiers, filters, and masks for precision control over your terrains, where features are placed, and how the terrain is formed. If you are familiar with a certain industry standard “procedural material editor”, you will feel right at home when using GeoGen. With our non-destructive workflow you can craft the perfect terrain for just about any geological formation you can dream up. We also give you all of the parameters you need to finely tune anything from noise to erosion.

The Sky Isn’t The Limit: Procedural Planets

No other terrain editor on the market provides the ability to create planets with ease. With the inspiration of a vast array of space oriented games and films, we’ve designed a seamless toolset to go from terrains to planets in just a few simple clicks. With full atmospheric rendering support, stars twinkling in the background, and incredible nodes at your disposal, you will be able to create amazing planets in minutes. We expect our featureset for planet creation to continually improve as we move through our alpha phase.

Key Links

GeoGen Homepage

You can learn more about GeoGen and see it in action creating both terrains and planets in the video below.

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