Gideros 2016.8.2 released


Gideros just released version 2016.8.2.  Gideros is a cross platform Lua powered game engine that is now open source and free to use.  The 2016.8.2 release brings a number of new features and fixes.  From the release notes:banner


Export features

  • Android Studio upgraded Gradle version
  • Gideros Studio non blocking export dialog with progress
  • Added lots of plugin installer scripts for Android (Android Studio, Eclipse, APK exports)
  • Allow providing default app and tv icons that are replaced on export for all supported platforms
  • Allow providing default horizontal and vertical splash images that are replaced on export for all supported platforms
  • Add additional win32 plugins on export to nearly match those available for Windows Desktop export (bitop, clipper, controller, json, lfs, lpeg, SQLite, luasocket, microphone, struct)

Gideros Features

  • Upgrade to latest OpenAL sound library for better sound latency
  • Shaders code can be supplied in-line from Lua
  • Textures can be created from raw pixel data
  • Global frame counter in Core.frameStatistics
  • Core.frameStatistics now returns table method to get shader language
  • TextField parameter for alignment: sample
  • RenderTarget can be saved to file
  • Tab switching by ctrl+tab (or cmd+tab) in gideros studio IDE.
  • Android returns device type (tv, appliance, car or mobile) on getDeviceInfo
  • Negative indexes support (-1, -2, …) for Sprite:getChildAt(index), SpriteBinder:removeChildAt(index) and Sprite:swapChildrenAt(index1, index2) to get sprites from top

Lua features


  • Player connectivity
  • Correct requesting Open GL on desktop (due to upgrade to Qt 5.6: caused Gideros Player to crash on startup for some users)
  • lua and luac binaries compilation with mingw
  • Particles alpha
  • Particles are now visible after removed
  • Android player check file for null pointer when loading existing projects
  • Timer’s behavior to run as set
  • Path2d texture positioning


  • [Controller] fixed Moga lib for Android 21
  • [Gaming Google Play] show all leaderboards support
  • [Gaming Google Play] step by step achievements handling on GMS
  • [Gaming Google Play] improved API for achievements
  • [Camera] initial alpha version for drawing camera texture in Gideros

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