Godot 2.1.5 RC2 Released

No, that was not a typo, Godot 2.1.5 RC2 was just released.  While 3.x is obviously the future, there are tons of developers with projects in progress that can benefit from these fixes.  This is especially true as many developers are waiting for OpenGL ES 2 support to be added back to Godot 3.

Highlights of this release from the Godot blog:

  • Android: APKs no longer include placeholder permissions that Google Play started complaining about
  • Android: Minimum SDK raised to 18, target SDK raised to 27.
  • Debug: New crash handler to generate backtraces when crashing on all desktop platforms (as in 3.0).
  • Editor: Tons of improvements to the “Godot 2 to 3 converter” tool, which can now convert many more resources than the one in 2.1.4. It even has an option to tentatively convert your scripts and change things like get_pos() (2.1) to get_position() (3.0) automatically.
  • Editor: Add class members overview in script editor.
  • Editor: New contextual menu in FileSystem dock.
  • Input: Hardware cursor support.
  • Input: Multitouch support.
  • iOS: Minimum SDK raised to 9.0, target SDK raised to 11.4.
  • OSX: Exporting for macOS from a Mac now generates a .dmg package.
  • Windows: New WASAPI audio driver (as in 3.0).
  • Performance optimisations.
  • Several crashes fixed, especially in Android backend.

You can read the entire change log here.

You can download the RC2 build here.  If you run into a problem with the build be sure to report it here.

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