Godot 3.3 Released

The open source Godot Engine has just released version 3.3. Originally slated to be a Godot 3.2.x release, there was so much functionality added to this release it was bumped up to a 3.3 release.

Details from Godot release blog post:


Godot editor on the Web!
Android: App Bundle, subview, signing
iOS: New plugin API
HTML5: Threads, GDNative, AudioWorklet
macOS: ARM64 build, code signing


Threading API modernization
Dynamic BVH for rendering and GodotPhysics
Raise errors when accessing deleted objects in debug


Unified 2D batching
New CPU lightmapper
More rendering improvements


Many fixes to one-way collisions
Fixes to KinematicBody collisions
Cylinder collision shape for GodotPhysics

Node copy-pasting
Improved Inspector sub-resource editing
Import presets configuration
3D editor improvements
Detect external scene changes

Other areas:

Improved FBX importer
WebXR support for VR games
OpenXR plugin
MP3 loading and playback
New AspectRatioContainer Control node
Minimap support in GraphEdit

There is a great deal more detail on each new feature on the Godot blog as well as in the video below.

One of the interesting new features of Godot 3.3 is the improved web browser support for the Godot Editor, enabling you to work on Godot projects in your browser(learn more here). In addition to the Godot 3.3 release, they also provided additional guidance on the future of the Godot Engine available here. You can see the timeline of future events in the graphic below.

You can get even more in-depth details of the Godot 3.3 being released in the curated change log. If you have any questions or comments, check out the Godot Discord available here.

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