MANU Video Game Maker 1.1 Released

MANU is a codeless game engine that just released alpha 1.1. We first checked out Manu in March of 2020 when the 1.0 alpha was released. With no coding required, MANU is aimed at enabling artists and creatives to create games visually. Today, MANU released the 1.1 alpha with several new and fundamental features. New features of Manu 1.1 alpha include:

  • A brand new demo game
  • Export for Windows and macOS
  • Animated FBX and DAE support
  • Replaceable main character
  • PBR materials support
  • Reusable assets system
  • Additional keyboard input triggers
  • Variables and Formulas
  • Conditions logic in the animation panel
  • New user-friendly UI
  • Improved Welcome Screen
  • Plus: a lot of stability and performance improvements

Manu is available for free download for Windows and Mac OS at There are several demos, including a new demo Hard Landing, available for download here. They now also have a roadmap of new features to expect in the future available here. If you are interested in learning more, or have any questions or comments, you can check out there Discord server here.

You can learn more about the MANU 1.1 no-code game engine and see the new demo in action in the video below.

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