Godot 4.3 Has a New FBX Importer

With the release of Godot 4 the built in FBX importer was removed and replaced with FBX2glTF. This gave better results than Godot 3.x FBX importing but was a pain to work with. Thankfully with the release of Godot 4.3 (starting with Godot 4.3 Dev 4) we have a new built in FBX importer.

The importer is built on the UFBX project and in my tests performed up to 5x better while giving similar final results. UFBX is an open source single source file FBX importer with the following features:

  • Supports binary and ASCII FBX files starting from version 3000
  • Safe
    • Invalid files and out-of-memory conditions are handled gracefully
    • Loaded scenes are sanitized by default, no out-of-bounds indices or non-UTF-8 strings
    • Extensively tested
  • Various object types
    • Meshes, skinning, blend shapes
    • Lights and cameras
    • Embedded textures
    • NURBS curves and surfaces
    • Geometry caches
    • LOD groups
    • Display/selection sets
    • Rigging constraints
  • Unified PBR material from known vendor-specific materials
  • Various utilities for evaluating the scene (can be compiled out if not needed)
    • Polygon triangulation
    • Index generation
    • Animation curve evaluation / layer blending
    • CPU skinning evaluation
    • Subdivision surface evaluation
    • NURBS curve/surface tessellation
  • Progress reporting and cancellation
  • Support for Wavefront .obj files as well

Key Links

UFBX on GitHub

Synty Bundle for Assets Used in Demo (Learn More)

Animated Model used in Demo on Sketchfab

You can learn more about the new FBX importer in Godot 4.3 and see it in action along side the Godot 4.2 FBX2glTF importer in the video below.

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