Godot Company W4Games Receive $8.5M Investment

Launched last month by key Godot Engine leaders, W4Games just announced they have received an $8.5M investment from a number of different sources. W4Games was formed to support Godot engine development in several areas where it currently faces difficulty, including support for proprietary consoles as well as in corporate use. W4Games should also be a vehicle to help support Godot 4 development and is already bearing fruit in the form of a Direct3D 12 renderer.

Details of the new investments from the W4Games announcement:

W4 Games, an Irish COSS (Commercial Open Source Software) startup based on the open source game development technology of the Godot Engine platform, announced today that it has successfully closed a US $8.5 million seed funding investment round led by OSS Capital, the world’s first and only early-stage COSS company investor and platform, and LUX Capital, a leading Silicon Valley VC specialized in emerging science and technology ventures. The funding process was also joined by industry veteran Bob Young, the founder of Red Hat, and Sisu Game Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund focused on games.

The funds will be used to expand W4 Games’ core team and accelerate the development of a suite of products and services for the Godot ecosystem, enabling all developers to create and publish games and applications on all major platforms. The company will present its product roadmap at GDC 2023.

W4 Games will also directly support the Godot project with donations, talent and code contributions.

Along with the investment, W4Games are also expanding, so if you are looking for a job (it is a virtual company that works remotely) you can browse available job positions here. You can learn more about W4Games and the $8.5M investment in the video below.

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