Godot Donation Changes

The Godot game engine announced some changes to their donation strategies going forward, as well as changes to their Patreon tiers and some insight into their future hiring goals to support the project.

From the Godot blog:

The project situation changed a lot for the better in the past few months, with a steady growth in the amount of users and contributors, and a nice boost to our funding situation thanks to an Epic MegaGrant which will cover my (Juan) and George’s work for the next two years, freeing donation funds for new purposes. Therefore, we discussed with core contributors that this is a good time to change how the project manages donations, and give our whole crowdfunding a much-needed update.

Perhaps of the most interest though, the roles that future milestones will fund:

  • General usability, 2D editor, website
  • Contributor for networking, HTML5
  • Mono/C#, GDNative
  • Junior rendering contributor
  • VR/AR/Mobile rendering contributor
  • More contributors

They also announced some changes to the Patreon tiers, including the elimination of two existing tiers.  You can read further details of the changes going forward, or you can learn more about the changes in the video below.

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