Godot Receives Beta Python Language Support

The Godot Game Engine has just received Python support via the new GDNative interface.  Unfortunately the project is Linux only at this moment, so MacOS users will have to jump through some additional hoops, while Windows users are simply out of luck.

Details from the Godot blog:

All core features of Godot are expected to work fine:

  • Builtins (e.g. Vector2)
  • Object classes (e.g. Node)
  • Signals
  • Variable export
  • RPC synchronization

On top of that, mixing GDScript and Python code inside a project should work fine, have a look at the Pong example to see how you can convert one by one your existing GDScript code to Python fairly easily.

This release ships a recent build of Godot 3.0-alpha (yes, it’s a beta based on an alpha…) and CPython 3.6.1 with the standard library and pip, ready to work with the Python ecosystem in its full glory (can’t wait to see people experimenting game AI with Pytorch!).

The project is Linux-only so far, however you should be able to compile it from the sources if you are on macOS (let us know if you do so). Binaries for all platforms will eventually be provided when Godot 3.0 gets stable.

As always, keep in mind this is a beta and you are expected to encounter issues and maybe crashes. If so, make sure to report them on the project’s bug tracker 😉

The project Github page is available here.

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