GodotOS – The Godot Powered Operating System

GodotOS is here, the worlds first Godot game engine powered operating system! Ok, it’s a fake operating system, or more accurately its a system shell, written entirely in GDScript. You can even write your own hosted applications for the Godot OS using GDScript.

Details of GodotOS from the GitHub page:

Welcome to GodotOS, an operating system interface created entirely in Godot! Browse folders, edit text files, view images, play games, and more in one cohesive polished interface that can even be used on the web!


GodotOS is more of a toy than a serious project. It’s meant to push the limits on UI design in Godot while creating a desktop that is minimalist, distraction-free, and aesthetically pleasing.

Aside from that, GodotOS is also meant to be a hub for small games and experiences that can easily be bundled in. Want to add your own game to the start menu? Check the contributing guide!

The GodotOS is available under the AGPL open source license. While it is a “toy project” it is still an interesting application written entirely using Godot, so if you are looking to create non-trivial non-gaming applications using the Godot game engine this could be a good reference for you. It is available for Windows, Linux and Web.

Key Links

Github Repository

Web Version on Itch.io

You can learn more about GodotOS and see it in action in the video below.

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