Phantom Camera Godot Add-On

Phantom Camera is an awesome add-on for the Godot 4.x game engine that attempts to bring Unity’s Cinemachine style camera capabilities to the 2D and 3D cameras in Godot. The newest release of the camera does however require the newest release of Godot, with Godot 4.2x+ being required from version 0.7 and beyond.

Phantom Camera is described as:

Phantom Camera is a Godot 4 addon designed to simplify common Camera (Camera2D / Camera3D) behaviors and provide an comprehensive out-of-box camera experience for various project sizes and complexities. The addon is heavily inspired by a Unity package called Cinemachine.

It allows for simple behaviours such as following or looking at specific nodes with an optional smoothing parameter to more advance logic like re-framing itself to keep multiple nodes in view and dynamically animate between different points in space.

Unlike many add-ons out there for Godot and other game engines, Phantom Camera is quite well documented and very robust in functionality. If you need camera controls in your game (what games don’t?) you really should check out Phantom Camera.

Key Links

Phantom Camera Home Page

Phantom Camera GitHub

Phantom Camera Godot Asset Library Page


You can learn more about Phantom Camera for Godot and see it in action in the video below.

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