Initial issues with Playstation Suite SDK


Ok, I really need to come up with a shorthand version for that!  PS SDK?



Anyways, right off the hop here are two problems people might run into.  If you start a new project, an app.cfg file is NOT created.  However, the emulator pss.exe will just sit there and spin using up 100% of one of your cores.  To fix it, in your Playstation Suite project, make sure you add an app.cfg, like the following:



memory: resource_heap_size : 16384 managed_heap_size : 16384 input: gamepad : false touch : false motion : false



Next, Playstation Suite Studio is based around MonoDevelop and seems to have some serious issues with auto completion.  If you add a reference to an assembly ( such as Sce.Pss.HighLevel.Model ) and aren’t getting auto-completion on it, save your project, close it and re-open and auto-completion will work for that assembly from now on.   Yes, this is a pain in the butt and if I come up with a better solution/fix in the future I will let you know.


Sony has a Visual Studio plugin in the works, which will be nice as intellisense generally works more or less flawlessly in Visual Studio.  Fingers crossed Visual Studio support comes soon, no offence to MonoDevelop.

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