Inkscape 1.4 Beta Released

The open source vector graphics application Inkscape just released Inkscape 1.4 beta. Inkscape is available for Windows, Mac and Windows. Highlight features of the 1.4 release include:

  • Filter Gallery: it has never been so easy to find the best filter for your needs! This new dialog features previews, categories and search.
  • Modular grids & improved axonometric grids: set the grid angle by ratio for isometric designs and use modular grids to plan layouts and make icons!
  • Swatches dialog and palette file handling improved: quick access to dialog layout controls, search for colors, and open different palette file formats!
  • Unified font browser preview: when activated in the preferences, use it to quickly browse through your font collection. Try it out and give your feedback!
  • Customizable handles: Power users with CSS knowledge can now customize the styling and basic shape of all the handles!
  • There’s even more: new templates for folding booklets, additional options in Ruler and Taper Stroke LPE, preview in Spray tool, many new command line options, updated translations and hundreds of bug fixes.

Key Links

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You can learn more about the new features in Inkscape 1.4 beta in the video below.

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