Visual Studio Code April 2024 Update

Visual Studio Code just received another upgrade with the release of the Visual Studio Code April 2024 update. Highlights of this release include:

Preview Markdown images & videos – Hover over a link to preview images & videos in Markdown.
Enhanced branch switching – Restore open editors seamlessly when switching between branches.
Middle-click paste support – Paste text quickly in the terminal using a mouse middle-click.
WSL over Remote – SSH – Use WSL when connected to a remote machine via Remote – SSH.
Accessible View – Navigate through comments, chat code blocks & terminal commands from the Accessible View.
Keyboard shortcuts for UI actions – Customize keybindings for UI actions directly with a right-click.
Quick Search – Search for text across your workspace with Quick Search.
AI-powered rename suggestions – Get intelligent rename suggestions in the editor with Copilot.
Copilot content exclusion – Exclude files from being used in the Copilot context.
Local workspace extension – Include and install extensions directly in your workspace.

Key Links

Visual Studio Code April 2024 Update Release Notes

Visual Studio Code Homepage

You can learn more about the Visual Studio Code April 2024 update and see the best new features in action in the video below.

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