irrKlang 1.6 Released

irrKlang 1.6 was released earlier today.  irrKlang is a cross platform C++ powered sound library with C#/.NET bindings available.  It is able to play 2D and 3D audio on multiple platforms and able to handle audio in WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC, MOD, XM, IT, S3M and other file formats.  It is available freely for non-commercial projects and is available at several other indie friendly price points if shipping a commercial title.

Details of the 1.6 release:

  • irrKlang for .NET 4 now needs version 4.5 at miminum
  • there is now a new function stopAllSoundsOfSoundSource() to stop all sounds of a specific sound source
  • irrKlang.NET for .NET 4 now also has a strong name (it is now a signed assembly)
  • stopped support for .NET 1.1, please use the versions for .NET 2 or .NET 4 instead, or an older version of irrKlang if you still need .NET 1 support
  • irrklang for gcc now supports gcc 5.1
  • irrKlang 1.5 for windows was depending on the MSVC runtime dll, this is now no longer the case with irrKlang 1.6
  • fixed a bug causing duplicated DirectSound buffers to share the playbackSpeed sometimes, causing some sounds to have a wrong frequency when played.
  • fixed update() problem in single threaded mode.
    If you run irrKlang in single threaded mode, you can now call irrKlang::update as often and fast as you want. This was supposed to be called only about once every second prevousliy, and could cause irrklang to stall previously if called too often.
  • added support for Visual Studio 2017

The following is a simple C++ code example illustrating irrKlang in action.

#include <iostream>  #include <irrKlang.h>  using namespace irrklang;    int main(int argc, const char** argv)  {    // start the sound engine with default parameters    ISoundEngine* engine = createIrrKlangDevice();      if (!engine)      return 0; // error starting up the engine       // play some sound stream, looped    engine->play2D("somefile.mp3", true);      char i = 0;    std::cin >> i; // wait for user to press some key      engine->drop(); // delete engine    return 0;  }  

You can download irrKlang 1.6 here in both 32 and 64bit formats.

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