LDtk – Level Designer Toolkit in 2023

LDtk, the Level Designer Toolkit (previously known as LeD) is a free and open source map editor from one of the creators of Dead Cells. LDtk has received several improvements since we last looked at it, including the addition of MacOS support. Another new recent feature is the addition of Multi world support (in experimental form):

Experimental Multi-worlds support!

The new multi-worlds feature is now available as a preview.

Multi-worlds allow you to have multiple distinct worlds in the same LDtk project.

Each world can have its own set of levels using a specific layout. However, they all share the same definitions (layers, entities, enums etc).

IMPORTANT: to use this feature in your projects, you will need to make sure that your importer is up-to-date and fully supports it. Multi-worlds projects cannot be imported using older loaders.

To enable this experimental support, open your Project settings (P shortcut), scroll down to the advanced options and enable Multi-worlds there. PLEASE BACKUP YOUR PROJECTS BEFORE TRYING IT!

When enabled, various new buttons will be available in the UI, like in the World panel (W shortcut).

Key Links

LDtk Homepage

Release Notes

RPG Assets Bundle Used in Demo

You can learn more about LDtk, the Level Designer Toolkit in 2023 and see it in action in the video below.

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