LibGDX 0.9.9 released

There was a new LibGDX release today, new features include:

  • 3D API.  This one has been in the works for some time and brings 3D to LibGDX built over OpenGL 2.0 ES.  Click here for more information on 3D support.
  • iOS back end moved from Xamarin’s MonoTouch to ROBOVM.  No more $300 charge to support iOS!
  • Updates to LWJGL, box2D and Bullet Physics libraries to the latest stable releases.
  • Android x86 support.  Beyond the contest not sure the win here.  Faster emulation?
  • LibGDX added to maven ( com.badlogicgames.libgdx ).
  • Gradle build option… is this one step away from the insanity that is Eclipse?  I sure hope so!
  • Small bug fixes and improvements.  See the list here.


LibGDX test of shader with skinning:

LibGDX bullet physics on iOS using ROBOVM


You can read more about the release here.


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