Liblast – Godot Based Open Source Team Fortress Style Game

Liblast is an interesting open source project using entirely free tools, the center of which is the Godot game engine. It’s a community base project and the most impressive part is that the skeleton of a game is all there. It has matchmaking, multiplayer games with multiple weapons and maps.

The goals of the project are as follows:

Primary goals:

  1. Create a fun open-source game for everyone to enjoy
  2. Prove that libre creative tools suffice to make a good game – we use only open-source software in the production
  3. Have fun, get to know each other and grow together with the project

Secondary goals:

  1. Push the envelope of open-source FPS games in regards to a coherent design, style, technology and overall quality
  2. Enable the game to be playable on lower-end computers, but provide higher fidelity for those who have more powerful hardware
  3. Allow joining the game from a web browser for quick sessions, as well as providing downloadable package for residential or portable usage
  4. Actively help the development of Godot engine and other open-source tools that we depend on
  5. Facilitate 3rd party content via mods
  6. Provide optional online accounts to securely store user data and protect their in-game identity

If you are interested in checking out or contributing to Liblast, check out the following links.

Key Links

Liblast Home Page

Project Repository

Game Overview

Development Roadmap

You can learn more about the Godot 4 powered open source multiplayer Team Fortress style shooter in the video below.

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