Lua And C++ Support Added to Cocos Creator


Cocos Creator is a full game engine and editor powered by JavaScript created by the team behind the Cocos2d-x project.  If you want to learn more about the Cocos Creator project be sure to check out our hands on video.  Today Cocos Creator learned a new trick in the form of C++ and Lua support for creator alpha zero.  This doesn’t actually add C++ or Lua language support to Cocos Creator editor.  Instead it’s a pair of new features.  First Cocos Creator is now capable of exporting projects in .ccreator file format.  Second they have provided a reader enabling Lua and C++ Cocos2d-x projects to read and use ccreator files.  Essentially this enables Cocos Creator to be an editor for your C++/Lua Cocos games.  Loading the scene in C++ is simple as illustrated by this code:

#include "reader/CreatorReader.h"    void some_function()  {      creator::CreatorReader* reader = creator::CreatorReader::createWithFilename("creator/CreatorSprites.ccreator");        // will create the needed spritesheets + design resolution      reader->setup();        // get the scene graph      Scene* scene = reader->getSceneGraph();        // ...and use it      Director::getInstance()->replaceScene(scene);  }  


Details from the Cocos Creator forum:

What’s C++ and lua support for creator

It includes two parts:

  • First, it is a Cocos Creator plugin that can export scenes generated by Cocos Creator into .ccreator files.
  • Second, it has a reader that can parse .ccreator files. The reader can be used in cocos2d-x c++/lua project.


There are two ways to get the plugin

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